Portrait of Dr. Ananda Kulatunga

eXPLOREpLACES is a carefully thought idea of Dr Ananda Kulatunga founder of eXPLOREpLACES Australia Pty Ltd. Dr Kulatunga as an Economic Strategist, he was looking at how the tourism industry is collapsing around the world due to COVID 19 and a strategy to revive the industry in the aftermath of the pandemic.

eXPLOREpLACES is a website that provides best travel destinations by video clips for any travel enthusiastic to surf and have a feel of where they intend to travel. Currently most information available is to read and feel. eXPLOREpLACES  provides at least ten best destinations of each country and it is the pioneer web platform covers almost all countries around the world.

We thank all video clips providers, publicly available and the Pro Video Factory Ontario Canada for the 4K Package subscription.

Our Team

Dr Peter Rampling

Dr Peter Rampling is the Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. He is a travel enthuastic who has greater exposure into the travel and tourism industry around the world.

Mr Dinesh Kulatunga

Dinesh Kulatunga is the Country Manager for Sri Lanka and the South-East Asia. He is travel promotor and a writer of number of books and information on travel destinations in Sri Lanka. He is also the CEO of infortravel Sri Lanka.

Mr Manjula Senanayake

Mr Manjula Senannayake is the Deputy Country Manager for Sri Lanka who is based in Colombo. He has wealth of experience in the travel and tourism industry in the South-East Asian region.